selma atabey

Selma Atabey

Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES)

Co-chair of the Health and Social Service Workers Union (SES)
Selma Atabey was born in Diyarbakır in 1975. She studied in primary, secondary, high school and at university in Diyarbakır. In 1995, Atabey started working as a nurse at the healthcare unit of a public organisation. Due to the sensitivities of the region where she lived and duet being a woman, she first actively participated in labour union work, then the women’s struggle and finally the human rights struggle in a manner that covers them all. Following the coup attempt of July 15th, Atabey was discharged from her profession of 21 years. She worked as a member, activist and branch co-director at the Trade Union of Public Employees in Health and Social Services (SES). She now continues her work in the civil society field as the Co-Chairperson of SES.