murat cekic

Murat Çekiç

Etkiniz EU Programme

Murat Çekiç began his career at the Human Rights Joint Platform, a national human rights network in Turkey. He currently works as a Civil Society Capacity-Building key expert at Etkiniz EU Programme. Çekiç previously worked as the vice president of Turkey Family Health and Planning Foundation and as a senior advisor at Turkey Europe Foundation. He also served as the Turkey director of Amnesty International. Çekiç has professional experience as a consultant for prominent national and international civil society organisations in fields including human rights, discrimination and CSO management in Turkey. Çekiç has also published articles on human rights, discrimination and international standards in various national and international publications.
Çekiç was selected as a Marshall Memorial Fellow and has received an International Civil Society Management certificate from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Çekiç graduated from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at METU.