gulsun kanat

Gülsun Kanat

Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation

Gülsun Kanat has been a feminist activist since the age of 18. After graduating from university, she briefly lived in London. After receiving Playwork training, Kanat worked with children with and without disabilities. She then studied Social Work and returned to Turkey. Kanat has been a part of the decision-making mechanism collective of the Mor Çatı Women’s Shelter Foundation since spring 2002 and personally stood in solidarity with women who were exposed to violence. She also did voluntary work for managing “Gönüllü Atölye” (Voluntary Workshop), shelter activities and drafting publications. She then took another break from living in Turkey and went abroad. Kanat joined the management of IMECE Women’s Centre, an organisation acting in solidarity with Turkish and Kurdish speaking women in London. After four years, she returned to Turkey. Currently, Kanat coordinates the feminist social work at the Mor Çatı shelter and solidarity centre.