Born in Evin ('98)

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Year: 2019

Director: Maryam Zaree

Country: Austria, Germany

Awards: Berlinale 2019, Compass Perspektive Award

Synopsis: Born in Evin tells the story of the family of director and actor Maryam Zaree, who sets out to investigate the circumstances of her birth in one of the world’s most notorious jails for political prisoners.

Director’s bio: Maryam Zaree was born in 1983 in Tehran, Iran. Fleeing political persecution, her mother brought Maryam with her to Germany when she was two. She grew up in Frankfurt and studied acting in the renowned film school Konrad-Wolf in Potsdamm Babelsberg. She has played lead roles in many feature films, worked for theatre and television and has been awarded for her performances.

“Born in Evin” was screened during the 10th EU Human Rights Film Days. For more information: