bülent şık

Bülent Şık

Food Engineer. He completed his doctorate on environmentally friendly analysis methods. He worked in laboratories under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. He started working as an academic at Akdeniz University in 2009. He worked at the Food Security and Agricultural Research Centre at Akdeniz University. He conducted studies on food security and food safety.  He was dismissed from office as a faculty member of the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department with Statutory Decree 677, issued on November 22nd 2016. He was awarded the Turkish Thoracic Society Environmental and Climate Problems Advocacy Award, the Turkish Medical Association Nusret Fişek Public Health Service Award, Vefik Kitapçıgil Public Service Award and the Halkevleri  ‘In Pursuit of Truth’ Award. He authored two books titled Mutfaktaki Kimyacı [The Chemist in the Kitchen] and Bizi Yeryüzüne Bağlayan Hikâyeler [Stories Tying Us To The Mother Earth].