The Etkiniz EU Programme returns to holding face-to-face events! The Etkiniz Forum will be held in Seferihisar, Izmir, on June 4th-5th 2022. The theme for the forum is “What We Do Not Monitor- Intersectionality: Climate, Gender and Poverty”.

The following questions will be discussed at the Etkiniz Forum:

  • Do CSOs examine human rights data in terms of disaggregated groups in their monitoring work?
  • Do CSOs take into account other rights fields intersecting with human rights in their monitoring work?
  • Can human rights indicators be viewed from the perspective of CSOs in different rights areas?
  • Which rights areas are overlooked in monitoring work?

In summary, civil society as a whole will try to answer the question “What We Do Not Monitor”.

The forum will include sessions and workshops in which participants may share their knowledge and experience and build networks, in addition to the panels.

Representatives of CSOs who want to attend the forum need to fill in the application form that can be accessed from the link below. Filling in the form is compulsory for participation, and you may send in the completed until 12:00 on Thursday, May 5th 2022 to complete your application.


Why Should I Want to Attend the Etkiniz Forum?

  • To build networks with representatives of international mechanisms,
  • To meet and share experiences with representatives of CSOs,
  • To share human rights monitoring work with the wide r civil society and thereby to deepen it,
  • To explore new opportunities for cooperation with representatives of various CSOs,
  • To meet donor organisations.

Only those participants whose application has been accepted will be admitted to panels and workshops.


Selection criteria

  • CSOs that run human rights monitoring based work will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

In addition, the following issues will be taken into account:

  • Diversity of thematic areas,
  • Carrying out monitoring in the fields of climate, gender and poverty,
  • Equitable representation of provinces in participation,
  • Equal gender representation in participation,
  • The representation of disadvantaged groups.

Only one representative will be admitted from each CSO that is accepted. If the CSO requests the participation of more than one representative, it should justify this on the application form.

Important: As places are limited, applications are compulsory. It will not be possible for those who have not applied or whose application was not accepted to participate in the Forum.

In keeping with pandemic measures, participants will be required to provide proof of vaccination. Masks will be compulsory indoors. Halls will only be used at up to half capacity.


Notes for participants:

  • Participants from out of Izmir will be provided with accommodation and intercity transport support.
  • Etkiniz will make separate arrangements for transport between Izmir and Seferihisar.
  • Etkiniz may demand repayments for travel fees/fines that may arise as a result of participants whose plane tickets have been bought and/or hotel accommodation reservations have been made by Etkiniz not attending the event with good reason and failing to inform Etkiniz in writing. Supportive documentation of the participants’ compelling reason for not attending (doctor’s reports etc.) must be presented to Etkiniz.
  • Etkiniz will demand repayment for accommodation reservations for participants cancelled without a documented compelling reason.
  • Details about the Forum and information about the venue will be sent to persons whose applications have been accepted.
  • English-Turkish simultaneous translation will be provided throughout the forum.
  • Any special needs may be stated on the form.

Etkiniz will respond to applications from May 10th 2022 onwards.

For any questions about the forum, please contact

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