“What Are We Monitoring During the Pandemic?”

“Human rights monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic” will be discussed at the online forum the Etkiniz EU Programme will hold on June 17th-18th 2021.

The Etkiniz Forum will feature panels on which rights areas are being monitored in Turkey and the world during the pandemic, increasing and new forms of rights violations due to the effects of the pandemic, the pandemic’s effects on disadvantaged groups, social movements during COVID-19 and more. The forum will also include sessions and workshops in which participants can share knowledge and experiences and form networks. An exhibition space in which civil society organisations (CSOs) can share their human rights monitoring work is also among the activities that will be held at the forum.

Representatives of CSOs who want to participate in the forum may complete the form available through the link below. It is compulsory to complete the form in order to participate and the deadline for submitting applications is 17.00 (GMT+3) on June 5th 2021.


Why Should I Apply to Participate in the Etkiniz Forum?

Consider applying and participating, so that you can:

  • Network with representatives of national and international mechanisms,
  • Meet and share experiences with CSOs who have submitted to International Human Rights Mechanisms, grouped under thematic areas,
  • Share the outputs of your human rights monitoring work at the exhibition space,
  • Experience producing a visual narrative of civil society’s monitoring work during the pandemic together.

Panels and workshops will only be open to participants whose application is approved.

Selection Criteria

  • “First come first served” selection will apply to the representatives of CSOs which run rights-based monitoring work.

The following criteria will also be taken into account:

  • Diversity of thematic working areas,
  • Equal representation by province,
  • Equal gender representation in participation,
  • Representation of disadvantaged groups.

Important: Applications are mandatory due to limited places. Persons who do not apply or whose application is not approved will not be allowed to participate.


Notes for Participants

  • Turkish-English simultaneous translation will be available throughout the event,
  • Sign language interpretation will be available throughout the event, as needed,
  • The forum will take place between 13:00-18:30 on June 17th and 18th,
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application after June 7th 2021.

Applicants who decide not to attend the forum after their application is approved are kindly requested to notify the team of their decision.

For any questions about the forum, please contact forum@etkiniz.eu.